WINE: "Technology and Architecture"

"In the 80’s Chile faced a true Industrial Architectural revolution with the appearance of "packing". New designs and architectonic forms brought prepared new technologies and materials. Today we are in the second stage of this agro-industrial development: "The architecture of wine" (warehouses or vines). Wine not only contributes to spirit with the flavors and aromas, but also with their buildings. we have seen that in the past years technology and imagination has been allied and they invite us to taste, look, design and dream...

These new necessities received a fast architectonic and technical answer, with our varied materials and acquired experience, we have facilitated the task of the architects. Hunter Douglas has made a significant contribution to these solutions, with a wide range of coatings and metallic materials. Forms, textures and colors are decorating the landscape and the Central Valley’s geography
once again.

In my personal and professional experience, I can give faith in the capacity and technical disposition, that this company has always had, in search for innovation and investigation in the construction field, with an instantaneous answer and a permanent attitude to collaborate in the development of architecture."

Guillermo Hevia H., Architect



Vine Almaviva, Santiago
Hunter Douglas Products: C40
Architect: Martín Hurtado
Vine Veramonte, Casablanca
Hunter Douglas Products: Sandwich Dek
Architect: Alvaro Pedraza
Odfjell Vineyards, Padre Hurtado
Hunter Douglas Products: Sandwich Dek
Architect: Laurence Odfjell
Vine Indómita, Casablanca
Hunter Douglas Products: Miniwave
Architect: Juan Pablo Scarella
Vine Casa Rivas, María Pinto
Hunter Douglas Products: Sandwich Dek, Side Wall, CD 460
Architect: Tomás Browne

Vine Terramater
Hunter Douglas Product: CD460 Curvo, C40, 160 M
Architect: Guillermo Hevia






Vine Casas del Bosque, Casablanca
Hunter Douglas Products: Sandwich Dek, CD 460, CD 460 Curvo, Sandwich Wall, C 40, 150 FS
Architect: Norberto Krebs
Vine Cavas, Curicó
Hunter Douglas Products: CD 460 curvo
Architect: Sergio Aguilar
Vine Ventisqueros, Melipilla
Hunter Douglas Products: Sandwich Dek,50B -30B
Architect: Correa & Léniz
Vine Aresti, Molina
Hunter Douglas Products: 84 R, Antique Tile
Architect: Roberto Urzúa
Vine San Pedro, Molina
Hunter Douglas Product: Softwave, 300 FS, 150 FS, 84 R, CD 460
Architect: Juan Carlos Peralta

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